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    Why Choose ZoomZoom

    Zoom takes immense pride in the fact that it values its drivers as much as it values its riders.

    Whether you’re a Customer getting to work from home or a Driver getting behind the wheel, our mission is to make people’s lives simple.


    Through its versatile services, proper identifications, trained drivers, and constant monitoring, ZoomZoom provides an entirely secure mode of transportation.


    ZoomZoom has multiple ride options, ranging from ride through calls and ZoomKids to Zoom For Her which comes with female drivers.


    All services being offered by ZoomZoom are extremely affordable and competitive. ZoomZoom understands the needs of Niagara’s citizens and knows how to satisfy them!

    It connects commuters to drivers at an affordable
    price and it is an all-rounded dependable platform.

    Ride with ZoomZoom

    Your Safety Is Our Priority

    Quality Drivers

    Only adept drivers with flawless track record are selected at ZoomZoom. Therefore, our riders are offered with an ultimate travelling experience.

    Journey Tracking

    Each journey is tracked and monitored constantly. You can share your details with friends and family as well.

    Stay Connected

    Our 24/7 helpline ensures that drivers and riders can both stay in touch with us through call, app, or website.