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Frequently Asked Questions

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ZoomZoom connects commuters to drivers at an affordable price. ZoomZoom is built to work without cash. Tap the app and get a ride in minutes.

What makes the ZoomZoom experience special, is the people behind the wheel. They are mothers and fathers. Students and teachers. Veterans. Neighbors. Friends. Our partners drive their own cars—on their own schedule—in cities big and small.

A city with ZoomZoom has more economic opportunities for residents, fewer drunk drivers on the road, and better access to transportation for those without it.

Sit back and enjoy the ride. Every part of the ZoomZoom experience has been designed to be safe and secure. Verified drivers, real-time tracking, favourite driver and sharing trip details with friends/family to track are some of the features we have in place to ensure you have a safe travelling experience.

We have the lowest fare in the city.  You can always request everyday cars at affordable prices. Sometimes you need a bit more space Or you want to go big on style, With ZoomZoom the choice is yours.

24/7. No matter what you are doing we are here. You need a ride? We got a ride – no reservations needed.

With ZoomZoom, the safety of our riders is important which is why we have added these safety tools to ensure our rider security and safety.
Our driver partners are required to have proper insurance liability that is required by the province, however, ZoomZoom goes to the extent of carrying extra liability coverage for each trip in the amount of $3 million for our none owned vehicles

  • We do background and record checks on all of our drivers.
  • You are able to see the driver’s and vehicle information with a photo to ensure you are not getting into a wrong car.
  • We have also added a panic button within the app in case of an emergency.
  • Share details of your trip with your friends/family to track in real-time from point of booking to completing the booking.
  • You like a driver? ZoomZoom gives you the option to add that driver as your favorite and you are able to request your favorite driver whenever he/she is online
  • Driver preference: Choose to be picked up by female or male driver.
  1. Go to your menu list.
  2. Tap “Trip History” and select the trip you have forgotten your item from.
  3. Get the trip ID number on the top of the trip you selected
  4. Go back to the menu list and tap “LiveChat” or send us an email on support@Zoom.cab
  5. Give us a short description of the item you have forgotten and include the trip ID number.

One of our team members will contact the driving partner and if the lost item is found, we can arrange the following ways

  • You may have the lost item brought to you by our driver (this might take 4 business days)
  • We can arrange a mutually beneficial location for you to pick up the lost item

No, unless he/she is a service dog or if you have spoken with your ZoomZoom Driver and he/she has agreed to having your dog on board.

Yes, it will. We expect all our riders to respect our drivers. Too many bad ratings will lead to suspension of our service and an investigation by our team.  We do not tolerate any rudeness.

You can report your complaint to the following email address support@Zoom.cab or speak to one of our LiveChat agents and we will work to resolve the situation as soon as possible. In order for us to resolve your complaint, we will require your full name, the driver’s, date, time, trip ID and a description of the issue. You can obtain this information by following these steps: Tap the menu option on the main screen Select Ride History Open the Past tab Select the trip in question Copy the Trip ID

Because ZoomZoom cares about the community and its riders. The satisfaction of our riders comes before everything else.  ZoomZoom makes sure that all riders are happy. We take good care of our drivers and they take good care of you. Our app is built with the most safety futures around the world.

By inviting your friends and family and getting them to sign up for ZoomZoom, using your unique invite code you accumulate ZoomZoom money which could be used towards your rides. Remember every time you send someone your invite code, they also receive free ZoomZoom money.

When a new driver signs up with your unique code you will receive a payout if the driver is accepted and completes 1 trip within 3 days. The amount will show in your “Wallet” category within the app menu.

Click on  “DriveZoomZoom” on the menu bar and file out the ZoomZoom Driver form and upload all required documents. Then download our app by clicking on this GOOGLE PLAY/APP STORE or search for ZoomZoom Driver on App Store/Google Play. If all documents check out, we will try to get you on the road within 1-4 weeks.

Yes, there is.  If a new driver completes 150 trips within the first 30 days of registration, they will receive a bonus of $300. This only applies to ZoomZoom drivers and not partnered company drivers.

Yes, it would. We monitor our ratings for drivers strictly to make sure we give everyone the best service and experience. If a driver accumulates too many bad ratings, their account will be suspended and investigated. Quality service and respect of our community is a must and we enforce that within our company strictly.  ZoomZoom expects all drivers to be respectful, helpful and kind to our riders and community.