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What Motivate Us?

Zoom as a ride-sharing platform seeks to transform the way carpooling and ridesharing takes place in Niagara.

With its unparalleled insurance services and affordable travelling rates, ZoomZoom wants to ensure that both drivers and riders are catered to. We strive to go beyond the traditional taxi services, public transport, and multinational ridesharing applications by providing convenience, ease, and utility of ordering tailored rides through smartphones.


Our History

Our entrepreneurial endeavor initially started out as dispatch-based service with the name of ZoomZoom in 2012. In the beginning, we only provided dispatch services to students who were unable to find affordable transportation.
After honing our skills as a service provider, we realized that despite the growth of the ride hailing segment over the past few years, there were countless market gaps that needed to be filled. In August of 2019, we evolved into ZoomZoom Innovations Inc., a prominent transportation network company providing reliable travel services to Niagara residents. To serve this purpose, the ZoomZoom application and website were recently launched to offer multilayered services with a myriad of payment options such as (cash, online, and invoices), multiple riding options—ranging from ZoomGo to ZoomBus—and pre-booking services.


To be the leading innovative rideshare company in the region and build a lasting organization that provides reliable service, helps locals and the community, and inspires everyone.


The mission of ZoomZoom is to make people’s lives simple all the way through consistent, opportune, and affordable transportation.


We rely on Efficiency, Convenience, Commuter Satisfaction, and Courtesy to fulfill our vision and mission.

Walid Al Hilaly

About the Founder

The mastermind behind ZoomZoom’s successful journey, Walid Al Hilaly, founded the company in 2012. Over the span of the next eight years, Walid transformed ZoomZoom into Niagara’s safest and most affordable ride-share service.

Walid was raised in Niagara and, therefore, has a special interest in serving its people with convenient transport solutions. His profound passion for entrepreneurship, technology, and ride-share gave birth to ZoomZoom. He is also striving to help the community at large by creating job opportunities in the region through his entrepreneurial endeavors. Walid is an avid dreamer and believes in pursuing dreams regardless of the costs.