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Locally Stationed:

As a driver, it would be easier for you to connect with us since we are based locally in Niagara. We understand how things work in the region and, therefore, would be able to satisfy needs in much better ways.

Market Competitive Earnings:

The pricing model employed at ZoomZoom gives market competitive compensations to the drivers based on the time driven. Moreover, we offer in-app tipping to help drivers maximize earnings. They also have access to 24/7 support, and a local office they can come into for support.

Insurance Policy:

To make the lives of our drivers easier, we provide commercial insurance to drivers through a custom- tailored program designed by Northbridge insurance. From the moment you are available to accept a ride request up to the moment your passenger leaves your vehicle, you are backed by our insurance. Our ridesharing insurance applies automatically to all ZoomZoom drivers and passengers in Ontario.


Safety of drivers is ensured through the availability of commercial insurance, which is complemented by their own personal insurance. Moreover, availability of constant helpline is set in place to ensure that drivers can reach out to us in case of any inconvenience.