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Following are some of the policies that make ZoomZoom the safest riding option in the region for both drivers and riders:

Complete commercial insurance coverage for all ZoomZoom drivers who use their own vehicles to carry paying passengers – coverage that is not typically included in personal auto policy. The insurance policy is in itself a manifestation of the trust that ZoomZoom seeks to harbor between all stakeholders.

Only adept drivers, who possess safety Standards Certificate (SSC), driver’s license, vehicle registration and personal vehicle insurance are brought onboard at ZoomZoom. Furthermore, their past personal and driving track-records are meticulously examined to ensure safety for all. Trainings are also in place at ZoomZoom.

Vehicles running on ZoomZoom are in unimpaired form ensuring hassle-free service. Our registered models are not older than 10 years. At ZoomZoom, it is believed that the overall condition of the vehicle contributes to the safety of our customers.

ZoomZoom introduced women drivers to drive those female customers who are more comfortable in traveling with females. The idea is to propagate safe space for women where their safety is prioritized.

Our drivers are rated on 4 distinct dimensions: driving safety, communication skills, navigation knowledge, and customer service. These ratings, which stem from consumer feedback and our own analysis, ensure that customers are cognizant of the driver’s performance.

Safety is further enhanced by round-the-clock availability of support staff and customer service via website, emails, live chat on our social media networks, and a 24/7 inquiry line. Customers and drivers can stay in touch with our team to avoid any inconvenience.