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Born and raised in Toronto, Ontario, Canada, Nick has been practicing corporate commercial law for over a decade and is a certified specialist by the Law Society of Ontario. He acts as external corporate counsel to businesses and organizations. Using modern technology, Nick provides a full suite of legal services to international and domestic clients without requiring in-person attendance.

Mike was elected onto city council in St. Catharines change the wasteful spending at city hall, changed the way Council engages with the people and changed the distrust many people have around politicians by being an accessible politician that always fights for the people. Outside of politics, he operates a property management business which oversees buildings from Fort Erie to St. Catharines. A flexible job by design, it allows him to put more hours into helping make our community better.

Dave has helped incubate over 80 companies with Spark Niagara. Dave Robitaille joined IBM Canada in early 1990, building his career in the Supply Chain Management discipline. Dave is an ambassador for IBM both internally and externally, and a champion for advancing the dialogue among leaders in both the public and private sectors. A featured speaker at economic and community planning summits across Canada.

Zijad Saskin is a Brock University and York University Alumni. After working at Broderick and Partners LLP for eight years, Zijad went on to be a founding lawyer at Saskin Law, where he currently operates.

Dino Miele is the CEO and co-founder of the non-profit organization ihub Niagara (Educational Research and Innovation Hub), CEO and Founder of the Canadian educational Technology ConnectED Conference, President and co-founder of Spark Niagara and the first for-profit accelerator in the Niagara Region. He is also the founder and President of the Niagara CIO Consortium (NCC) comprised of all 12 municipalities in the Niagara Region.

Dan was also the Vice President Commercialization and Chief Operating Officer of HTX, Ontario’s Health Technology Exchange, a leading catalyst for accelerating the growth of Ontario’s medical and assistive technologies industry cluster and for many years he was an Industrial Technology Advisor in the National Research Council’s Industrial Research Assistance Program across Southern Ontario.

David D’Angelo is an experienced entrepreneur that began his first company at twenty years of age. David has primarily been involved in the plastics manufacturing industry, as well as an active investor in various start-up companies. David was the CEO and Founder of Welland, Ontario based enterprise Trivium Industries: a manufacturing company of biodegradable plastic bottles for the beauty, beverage, and nutritional Industries. A U.S. Competitor acquired trivium in late 2016. David was formerly Vice-President of Strategic Partnerships as well as a seed-investor at Curexe, located within Ryerson’s D.M.Z. in Toronto. David left the position at Curexe to move home to Niagara Falls and invest in other Canadian start-up companies. David is very excited to be a part of Spark Niagara as the Director of Innovation.