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Best Taxi Booking Apps in Canada

Technology has made our lives much easier and convenient in almost every aspect of it. When it comes to traveling, people focus majorly on three important things; affordability, flexibility, and comfort.

There are so many cab services available proclaiming their cab empire as the mightiest one, but you have to be very specific when choosing such a service for you. All cab services do not actually meet your requirements of the above-mentioned points.

Hence, we always help you find the best cab service whenever you need it. In this segment, we are going to discuss the top 5 reliable and reputed cab services which you can trust and adhere to, for your any traveling need.


This is one of the best cab services which you can avail of in Canada. It offers diversified services whether you need a car, a scooter, or a bike to travel. Using this app, you can also opt for car booking in advance that offers you good savings.

You can opt for up to 9 ways through which you can travel conveniently with Lyft. Offering the best competitive prices, the cab service aims to offer a comfortable ride to its customers along with a vast team of trained and experienced drivers. The company has a vast empire of offering cab services in different countries and the price varies in each.

Hence, for Canada, you can easily check it and get a cab at your doorstep as and when you want.


Another Giant in cab services which is known well for its quality vehicles and affordable services which it offers to its customers. Offering perfect reliable transport and travel solutions, the company operates in more than 200 cities with over 40 countries in the world.

With a customer base of over 50 million with 1 million drivers, the company has a fine record in delivering the best cab services across the globe.

Previously known as Taxify, the company had never looked behind and acquired many taxi services in different states and established a whole new empire of reliable cab services. Whether in terms of price, vehicle size, and model or on delivering timely services, the company compromises on its customer’s security and convenience.

ZoomZoom Cab

This is one of the fastest-growing cab services in Canada which is known for its fantastic features which it offers through its mobile app.

The app allows its users to book urgent cabs, check and compare prices online, and moreover, track the cab as and when you book it.

Apart from everything else, the app provides an immense security feature where you can add three emergency contact numbers with whom you can share your location and they can trace it in real-time. Formerly known as Niagara Taxi Service, prominent taxi service in Niagara, the Zoom app is its innovative advancement into cab services.

You can depend on this reliable cab service for various reasons, Zoom Canada is known for its timely services and affordable pricing. Its user-friendly app offers immense comfort and convenience in booking cabs and mentioning your pick-up and drop locations.

Canadian Cab Ltd.

It is another cab service which you can opt for your daily traveling needs or for any traveling purpose. Using its mobile app, you can simply set and edit your pick-up locations, set destinations, add messages to your driver, and many more.

Its pricing is also based on competitive standards to offer the best deal to its customers across Canada. It’s a great tool for online booking cab service where you can easily select an apt vehicle, book cabs, and pay by selecting their options between the card reader and cash options.

Hence, offering great convenience and flexibility in booking cabs and making payments, the Canadian Cab can prove to be your perfect traveling partner across Canadian province.

Curb Mobility

The company is known well for its urban mobility solutions ranging from business travel to personal requirements.

This flexible and powerful platform offers some really interesting deals for traveling through its cabs. Besides its, affordable pricing, it is known for its cab driver car booking and vehicle diversity.

Whatever your travel requirement may be, the company efficiently offers a diverse class of vehicles with excellent facilities in booking them.

Curb is highly preferred among business class people who often need to travel to different nations for their professional requirements. A reputation to offer flexible and prompt services, Curb intends to cater to every possible traveling need along with its exceptional services which always reach you on time.

The above-mentioned cab services are known for their exceptional cab services with appropriate pricing which you can consider anytime for your any traveling need. However, it is always better to do good research on the websites of these companies to make your decision more firm.